Blotanical Blurb

Just a quick note to thank those of you visiting from, and to Kevin who recommended that I join. For those of you who don’t know, Blotanical is a network of gardening blogs. While there’s been very little about gardening on my blog as of late, I assure you that I am about to start posting about what I’m currently growing indoors, what I’ve ordered for this year’s seed (paprika! blue poppies!), as well as a little chronicle of my first year with a plot in The Fenway Victory Gardens. Until then, for all you new visitors, I invite you to visit a gallery of my December garden, an ode to the basils, and my intent in writing Spokes and Petals.


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  1. interesting about blotanical! i’ve tried several times to submit my blog and could never get their form to work. any tricks to share for success in this regard? I thought perhaps they couldn’t verify my blog because i use as opposed to self hosting?

    • How strange! I wish I could offer a tip or two but I am also hosted by wordpress and didn’t have any trouble with the form. I would recommend applying again – from the looks of your blog you’re a perfect candidate! – and if you keep having trouble contact a blotanical member directly. (I am so new that I honestly can’t offer much help, but I’d imagine that a more veteran member could.) Good luck!

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