Suggested Reading

Petals (and mushrooms, too)
Forager’s Harvest
Salicicola a thorough chronicle of the flora of eastern masssachusetts
Clicks, Ticks, Creaks, Clunks the sound-based approach to bike repair
Sheldon Brown the dude himself
Yogamazing – Yoga for Cyclists
Urban Ecology
The Metropolitan Field Guide
The Free Quark
Urban Forager
Urban Wildlife Guide
Wild Urban Plants
Urban Homesteading
The LeFort Urban Homestaed
Wicked Good Boston 
Allandale Farm
The Arnold Arboretum
Boston Mycological Club
The Boston Tree Party
City Sprouts
The Fenway Garden Society
The Food Project
The Northeastern Association of Organic Farmers (NOFA Mass)
The Urban Homesteaders League
Motley crew of excellent blogs
amindlikecompost Wandering the wilderness and becoming a porcupine
Brain.Guts.Hands. Tales of Toronto, Argentina, and meat
Cats and Machines Comics!
I AM NOT AFRAID OF WINTER Stories about dogs and trains
Walking Wool “Celebrating the Divine Ovine”

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