An ode to nightriding & endings

Tonight was perfect for ruminating and riding. As a bone moon rose my heart was in my stomach, sitting there yearning with two eggrolls. The arboretum at dusk teemed with crickets and katydids and whatever else croaks and chirps as the sun goes down. Continue reading

Grease related links and subscriptions

Quick note to say that I’ve added two helpful bike links under the new blogroll category “Spokes.” (The blogroll is just the list of links on the right side of the homepage.) Sheldon Brown’s site is an especially wonderful, classic reference. For people who cycle often – especially we commuters who clock many miles a day – I strongly recommend Yogamazing’s “Yoga for Cyclists.” I did the whole routine this morning and feel like a million karmic bucks. If you have any other cycling references or sites to recommend for the blogroll please let me know.

I have also added a subscription button. If you would like to be notified by email when a new post is published, simply go to the homepage and click “Subscribe!” Of course, if you are a WordPress member any blogs that you follow will just show up on your homepage under the “Following” tab.

“Art is Happy Bike” by Ecastro Painting/Print Artwork

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