raccoon heeyyyy

Oh heeyyyyy. Credit.

I’m always happy to hear any feedback on my blog, the issues I write on, the anatomy of my writing, the cuteness of my found raccoon pictures, et cetera. Feel free to get ahold of me here.

7 responses

    • It is indeed legit! I greatly appreciate your thoughts. While my expertise lies mainly in the plant world, I truly enjoy learning more about the buggier side of things. Thanks.

      • Okay thanks, and sorry to question but I’ve had a surge of spam comments and fake subscriptions recently – just trying to figure out which ones are real.

        I appreciate your readership!

  1. Hi! What a cute raccoon =) I really loved reading your blog, especially because you are part of Red Sox nation and you love gardening. I recently started gardening and now I have plans for my front yard landscape for next Spring.I love it!


    • Hello! Thanks so much for coming by and following,. It’s awesome to hear about your plans for your garden. There is so much one can do with a front yard!

  2. Hello Jenny. Thank you for your enthusiastic note about Tree Following on Loose and Leafy. As you say, the Link box needs to connect directly to tree following posts so I’ve moved your link to the list of participants on the Tree Following page

    and look forward to hearing what tree you’ve chosen and reading about it.
    Best wishes,

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