Rosy Maple Moth: Empress of the Universe

ImageMatt and I found one of these yesterday because we are vacationing in a Miyazaki film. (The set, if you’re curious, is at the foot of the Adirondacks’ Whiteface Mountain.) This divine creature spends its youth in maple canopies before transforming into an ephemeral adulthood, consisting of fluttering about, sending and receiving pheromones, coupling late in the evening, and returning to the maples to give way to a new generation of rosies.

Coming soon (truly): a butterfly story. Happy 4th!

Edit: My friend Evan wrote on facebook that this creature looks like it flew through a Marshmallow Peep. He then added that “this is like if Michaels craft store was hijacked by aliens.” Indeed. Add your own descriptions and hypotheses on the creation myth of this creature below!

Photo credit: The delightful tumblr of ceruleanpineapple

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