Queens or Kings Necessary


This. Because last year I was spending a large part of my time at home watching my little puppy of a monarch and its milkweed, and this summer I am looking at sometimes dried up milkweed flowers, hoping and praying for one of those bengal-striped beauties.

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  1. Hi Jenny ~ Thanks for posting. I have not seen a Monarch butterfly either, yet….I would like to plant Milkweed in our yard…any suggestions where to get the plants and how to cultivate? Thanks

    • Hi Claudia!

      I sell milkweed, including the beautiful Aesclepias tuberosa (considered by many to be our prettiest native wildflower), at Allandale Farm. It would definitely be a haul for you, seeing as we’re on the Brookline/Boston Line. If you’d like to stay closer to home I would give Garden in the Woods a call. They’re located in Framingham and sell a variety of wonderful natives.

      Thanks so much for visiting,

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