How to watch a solar storm in HD

You’ve probably heard about the solar storm that hit us in the nose this morning, pummeling earth at four million miles an hour. Holy Everything.

Here’s a video of the solar flares that erupted Tuesday, which lead to this coronal mass ejection. If you’d like to see it all in person keep your face skyward tonight – there may be sightings of the aurora in northern parts of the US.

3 responses

  1. I don’t get a newspaper and only learned of this phenomenon through Facebook when quite a few of my friends declared they were going to run into the grocery stores and play with their brooms.

    Also, cool heart-tugging sidenote: the bison restoration project at the American Prairie Reserve helped release an entire herd into the existing bison population somewhere in Nebraska (I believe) and during the night, the staff conducting the introduction were gifted with a show in the sky of aurora borealis. THAT IS BADASS!!

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