Giving my best to the midwest

Friends and strangers,

Hello from Chicago, where snow is finally falling as I sit cozily surrounded by potted trees, balloons, and fresh paint. I have had a long and wonderful month since last I wrote, but it’s been busy enough that my writing fell to the wayside. However, I return to Boston this weekend and am ready to embark upon a healthy hibernation, filled with much blogging, urban exploring, and knitting. Please check back in a few days for new posts about these environments that we’re finding ourselves in.

Until then, thanks for visiting, and three cheers to a robust, beautiful, and writerly 2012!

2 responses

  1. Happy New Year Jenny,
    I am looking forward to your new post of blogs for the new year! I l LOVE your muses of writings.

  2. Gale!

    A very happy new year to you. It is wonderful to hear you – as always! I got home last weekend and opened up the mail you sent and promptly stuck it to the fridge. Thanks for always making me smile and supporting my work.


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