Oh October, where did you go?

While October remains in a ragged little dash of days that promise to be covered in pumpkin sales and snow (! – Three Inches Worth – OMG), this week has been all November with its cold and drying winds, a low sky, and the slow beginning of the retail madness that precedes Christmas.

While I have been busy with my job, gardening, biking and the like, I have also been entertaining new topics to write of and having various experiences that will lend themselves to good posts. In the coming weeks there will be stories of apples, hot peppers, raccoons, crowned sparrows, fermentation adventures, crafternoons, squashes and the saffron that sings from some autumn crocuses.

For now I am completely tuckered out and need to rest up for a day of Halloween madness and facepaint. It will be great. I hope that you all have a safe holiday and enjoy getting all gussied up. See you soon! (Like, within a couple of days!)


Amazingly cute photo courtesy of the Telegraph.

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